Coaches & Instructors

  • Coaching Background Checks

    All Club Sport coaches and instructors must be approved by the Club Sport Office every academic year. All coaches/instructors must undergo a background check and DMV records check every year per Harvard University Policy. The request and background check process takes 2-4 weeks and requests will be initiated every Monday.

    Club organizations wishing to hire a coach or volunteer instructor must submit coach information to the Club Sport Office for approval.

  • Coach/Instructor Responsibilities

    All Club Sport coaches and instructors must be aware of and follow all University and Athletic Department procedures.

    • Coaches/Instructors have restricted contributions that apply specifically to coaching and must allow the students to handle the management of the club.
    • The instructor must help ensure good sportsmanship.
    • Coaches should not directly contact the CSO unless otherwise advised. Coaches are the responsibility of the organization and communication should only be facilitated by club officers.
    • If the instructor is not working in the best interest of the club, the instructor will be relieved of his/her coaching duties. Continuation of coaching duties is not guaranteed.
    • Club Sport organizations are solely responsible for evaluating and determining the qualifications necessary for hiring their prospective coach.
    • For guideance on recruiting, hiring, and onbaording coaches, please contact the Club Sports Office.