Club Sport Eligibility & Membership

  • Eligibility for Membership

    1. The Club Sports program is open to those with a Harvard University affiliation; however, the majority of club members must be undergraduates. A Harvard affiliation includes the following: Harvard College full-time undergraduate students, Harvard graduate students, Harvard Extension School students, Harvard faculty/staff, Faculty Deans and tutors, and the spouses/partners of these affiliates.
    2. The leadership board and club officers MUST ONLY be full-time Harvard College undergraduate students.
    3. It is required by Harvard University's Academic Rules that students on probation may not represent the University in athletics, take part in any public performance, or engage in any competition or activity that interferes with college work.
    4. Faculty members may not be voting members or officers of clubs but may serve as advisors or coaches.
    5. Individual and group conduct must, at all times, reflect favorably on the University.
    6. To be eligible for club participation, the Harvard affiliate's name must appear on the official membership roster on SOCO.
    7. Non-Harvard affiliates are ineligible to participate in club activities as a club member. Furthermore, they should not be represented on the club's roster.
  • Maintaining  Your Club's Recognition Status

    1. Ensure your organization is in compliance with all University policies including the contents of the Harvard College Handbook for Students and Club Sports policies and procedures.
    2. Ensure your organization is in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
    3. Ensure your organization is in compliance with the College Policy on Hazing.
    4. Manage University resources (i.e. grants, reservation, and use of University space) wisely, ethically, and according to University, College, and DHA guidelines.
    5. Maintain local autonomy in the governance of the organization. Club Sport Organizations must make all policy decisions without obligation to any parent organization, national chapter, or charter, and without direction, interference or pressure from any such entity.
    6. Ensure your organization meets the Department of Harvard Athletics Club Sports expectations by adhering to all Club Sports requirements:
    • Maintaining a minimum of 10 club members
    • Have ONE officer designated as President or equivalent title
    • Have ONE officer as Treasurer
    • The majority of your club members must be undergrade students