Finances & Fundraising

  • Financial Responsibility

    Every club must be financially self-sustaining.

    • Any University funding that a club receives from the University will be through the Common Grant Application. the benefit to this process is the ability to request funding from multiple University granting bodies including, but not limited to, the HUA, club Sports Grant, and Nationals Grant.
    • Clubs must submit receipts to the Club Sports Office for costs paid for with the Club Sports Grant, Nationals Grant, or any funding by DHA as part of annual registration. All unused funds must be remitted to the Athletic Department (make checks payable to Harvard University) by May 31st. Failure to comply with this policy may result in loss of club sport status.
    • Clubs are responsible for keeping a comprehensive record of all financial transactions and account balances. These records should be passed on to new club leadership from year to year.
    • Clubs must not act in any way so as to endanger the tax-exempt status of Harvard University. Clubs do not automatically fall under Harvard's tax-exempt status. Clubs wishing to become tax-exempt must apply for that status with the IRS.
    • Fundraising activities or solicitation of funds or contributions must be approved in advance by the Club Sports Office.
    • Admission fees may not be charged except as specifically approved for each event by the Club Sports Director.
    • Clubs may only hold a bank account with the Harvard University Employees Credit Union (HUECU). All clubs are subject to an audit at the end of the fiscal year.
    • Harvard University will not be responsible for and must not be made a party to or liable for payments of debts and financial obligations entered into by clubs.
  • Banking with Harvard University Employees Credit Union (HUECU)

    Officially recognized student organizations are required to bank only with the Harvard University Employees Credit Union (HUECU) located at 104 Mt. Auburn, Street. HUECU provides:

    • Free, automated 24-hour telephone banking to check your club's account balances, make account transfers, and more
    • Six months of searchable statements available online.
    • Free, electronic statements electronically delivered monthly.
    • Availability of higher interest-bearing accounts for student organizations with substantial assets (see HUECU for more details).
    • A dedicated account service representative for all student organizations (please email
    • The satisfaction of working with a not-for-profit credit union.

    Information regarding all actions is available through the HUECU website.

    To add or change signers, officers must submit the HUECU Account Signer Change Request Form via SOCO. You must also obtain an EIN# (tax ID) for the club.

  • Friends Accounts

    Every Club is eligible for a Friends account within the Harvard Department of Athletics. Alumni and friends of the club can donate money to your club by using our Online Giving Site or by sending in checks payable to Friends of Harvard (insert club name in memo line).

    To check the balance of your Friends account, please email the Club Sports Office.

    To request funds from your Friends account, please complete the Fund Request form  and provide the following information:

    • Name of Club Sport Organization
    • Amount you are requesting to withdrawal from account
    • Rationale for withdrawal
    • Receipts or invoices relating to withdrawal (if applicable)
  • Athlete Assistance Funding

    The Club Sport Office in conjunction with the University Financial Aid Office, will be offering club sport dues financial assistance for eligible club participants. The CSO may cover a portion of individual club dues for those who qualify.

    For general inquiries regarding this opportunity, please contact the CSO.

  • Funding Opportunities

    Annual Department of Harvard Athletics Club Sports Grant

    This grant supports operational expenses accrued over the course of the club sport season. It is used to financially assist clubs in addition to their Friends of Harvard accounts, Harvard University Employee Credit Union accounts, and fundraising efforts. Each club is allowed to submit one grant application during the fall semester. All grant proposals will be evaluated by the Club Sports Office.

    Fall and Spring Club Sport Subsidies

    This subsidy supports expenses incurred due to required Department of Harvard Athletic policies. Expenses include, but are not limited to; insurance, coaching, storage, events, and specific travel circumstances. Proof of purchase, certificates, and other documentation are necessary for the application process. Each club is allowed to submit one application. Clubs must be officially recognized by, and in good standing with the Department of Harvard Athletics, and have incurred expenses during the fall semester, which meet application criteria. All subsidy applications will be evaluated by the Club Sports Office.

    Nationals Grant

    The Department of Harvard Athletics offers a spring term Nationals Grant to registered Club Sport organizations. Funding is strictly intended for subsidizing costs incurred from participating in a national tournament or competition. Application limited to one per organization. Clubs must be officially recognized by, and in good standing with the Department of Harvard Athletics.

  • Electronic Transfers - Zelle

    Club organizations are now eligible to receive funding via direct deposit using Zelle. All Club Sport Organizations are highly encouraged to utilize Zelle to expedite any funding opportunities form the Department of Harvard Athletics and Recreation.

    Club Sport Organization Zelle Account Setup Guide

  • Fundraising, Sponsorship, & Donations

    In the beginning of the academic year, each club sport should estimate how much money they will need throughout the year and fundraise appropriately. Club organizations are encouraged to fundraise throughout the year. See the Club Sport Organization Fundraising Guide for information on fundraising opportunities, sponsorships, and donation collection.

    Club Sport Organization Fundraising Guide