Liability Insurance

  • General Information

    Club sport organizations are considered independent from the University and are not covered under Harvard University insurance. Harvard club sport organizations are required to have liability insurance for on-campus events involving invitees (visiting teams, groups, participants, and spectators).

    Event requests (involving non-Harvard affiliates) will not be considered unless a certificate of insurance is provided to the CSO by the respective organization.

    For independent student organizations, including athletic clubs, Harvard waives most of these requirements, except for events when ISOs will be having non-Harvard invitees and participants, in which case the organization is then subject only to the requirement of General Liability insurance in the amount of $1 million per occurrence/$2 million general aggregate.

    Two other key requirements are as follows:

    1. All required insurance must be purchased from companies with an A.M. Best Company financial strength rating of A minus: VII or better and be authorized to transact the respective class of insurance in the jurisdiction(s) in which work is to be performed, or products are to be delivered.
    2. All required liability insurances shall specifically name as additional insureds, "President and Fellows of Harvard College, its subsidiary and affiliated companies, and officers, directors, members of governing boards, employees and agents of any of them."
  • Special or "One-Time" Event Insurance

    1. For special event coverage taking place at Harvard, the best place to look is the TULIP program.
    2. Most events will qualify for coverage through TULIP, which is a special events policy specifically for events on higher education campuses with excellent pricing. As long as the event will be on Harvard's campus, alcohol will not be sold, and there are no unaccompanied minors, clubs can go straight to the TULIP link and put in their event details.
    3. Students can click Quick Quote at the top, pull Massachusetts from the first drop down, pull Harvard College from the second.
    4. They'll need to put in their dates and the estimated number of attendees, including spectators.
    5. Most sporting events should be coverable by the program, but they are only covering the liability of the team to Harvard and other third parties, not the risk of participant injury.
  • Insurance Plan or Extended Coverage

    Clubs hosting multiple events throughout the year should consider an annual coverage plan. In order for insurance companies to give you quotes or coverage information you will need to complete and submit an application. The application might include but will not be limited to; number of events per year or season, number of participants, duration of event, etc. The reason I mention this is due to scheduling restrictions, there is no way for your club to confirm the number of events for fall 2021. However, most companies will just ask you to estimate these numbers. They do not necessarily have to be exact. A suggestion would be to base event details off previous years. If your organization has a maximum of three events per year, financially it might make sense to purchase three separate special event insurance programs rather than purchasing coverage for the whole year.

  • Insurance Providers

    Due to the risks associated with many club sports, certain providers might not insure your organization. Clubs that are considered high risk might have more difficulty finding coverage and should consult an insurance broker directly (versus applying online). Here are a few providers that have been discussed/recommended by Harvard University Office of Risk Management as good options and will most likely cover your organization:

    • K&K Insurance

    Student organizations are not restricted to the previously mentioned providers. If you know of someone who handles insurance, or if your organization already has insurance but just needs to add general liability to the plan, it is completely at the discretion of the club on how coverage is obtained. However, the insurance plan will need to meet the previously mentioned requirements.

  • Insurance Coverage Through Affiliated League

    In some instances, some organizations are covered by their respective league. First, determine whether the league covers your organization for general liability. Many leagues only cover participant accidents. If your league does in fact cover your organization for general liability, the next step is to ask if Harvard can be named as an additional insured (*please reference the second bullet in the insurance requirements section). The final step is to obtain a copy of the insurance certificate. If your league will not list Harvard as an additional insured, please contact the CSO.

  • Additional Information

    Costs or estimates can only be acquired through the insurance companies. The CSO will not be able to provide information on pricing or quotes. Whether you are asking for budgetary reasons or to determine the best option for your club, the information will come directly from whichever company you are considering.

    PLEASE NOTE, if your club does not schedule events which include non-Harvard affiliates you will not be required to purchase liability coverage. This requirement is specific to holding events that involve visiting programs, groups or participants.