Trademark & Apparel

  • Club Sport Team Apparel

    Club organizations are responsible for ordering, maintaining, and storing their own team apparel and equipment (uniforms, sporting equipment, protection equipment, etc...)

  • Use of Harvard Name & Trademark

    All equipment and apparel bearing the Harvard name or Harvard trademark(s) must be approved by the Club Sport Office and Harvard University Trademark Office. All designs must follow the Department of Harvard Athletics Brand Identity Guide. Club Sports wishing to order insignia merchandise ("swag") with the Harvard name will need to work with a US Licensee of the University to produce such items. For a complete list of approved licensees, see the Harvard University's Licensees for Internal Insignia Items guide.

    Club Sport Organization Trademark Approval Guide

  • Trademark Approval Process

    Club's must receive approval to use any Harvard related trademarks, logos, or name, before ordering any apparel or equipment.

    • Review The Club Sport Organization trademark Approval Guide and other supporting informational guides
    • Submit Trademark Application to the Club Sports Office
    • Submit detailed production mock up and to Club Sports Office that follows the naming convention and all trademark guidelines
    • The Club Sport Office will notify the Club's representative of an approved design and submit to the University Trademark Office