The Student Research Institute (SRI) by Harvard's Undergraduate OpenBio Laboratory is a unique summer research opportunity for high school students globally. This entirely virtual program is aimed at democratizing access to research, increasing STEM education, and fostering a diverse community of young scientists. Participation in SRI is free for selected students as part our commitment to broadening access to high-impact research opportunities.

Engaging Mentorship:

SRI boasts a diverse group of mentors, including PhD candidates and faculty members, from every Ivy League university and leading institutions worldwide. These mentors will guide students through their research journey, offering an unparalleled learning experience.

Weekly Programming Sessions:

Mandatory 1-2 hour sessions will be held every week for all SRI participants. These sessions include networking opportunities, guest speakers, and interactive workshops designed to enhance students' research skills and knowledge.

Research Project and Publication:

Instead of a conventional literature review, students will engage in a comprehensive research project throughout the summer. The culmination of the student's research effort is a 5-6 page paper, published in a research journal.

Application Process:

Early applications are encouraged for a better chance of acceptance. Following the application deadline, the SRI staff will review submissions, and successful candidates will be notified of their mentor matches by May 26. Given the high level of interest, the acceptance rate is anticipated to be under 10%.

Time Commitment:

The program requires a commitment of 3-5 hours per week of scheduled activities, alongside 5-6 hours of independent research work. This structure is designed to accommodate students' summer schedules while providing an immersive research experience.

Weekly Meetings with a Mentor:

Each student will have a weekly 1-2 hour meeting with their assigned mentor to discuss their research project, select a topic, and receive guidance on how to advance their work.

Office Hours:

SRI staff will be available for weekly office hours to assist with the logistics and formatting of research projects. While specific content questions are best directed to mentors, these sessions provide additional support for students.