Sahil Sood


Sahil is a first year at Harvard studying biology and government, interested in pursuing a career as a physician. He is interested in mechanisms of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and developing novel approaches to help benefit low-income areas from falling victim to these new strains. In his free time, you can find him watching Breaking Bad, playing Super Smash, or in the gym.


Sean Meng


Sean is a sophomore at Harvard studying Neuroscience on the Neurobiology track. He is interested in the intersection of natural intelligence and artificial intelligence, with a specific focus on utilizing the neural circuits underlying learning + perturbations of synaptic function in neurodegeneration to inform neural network development. Outside of lab, you can find him looking up new recipes to cook or coffee-shop hopping around Boston!


Uyanga Batsaikhan

Uyanga is a sophomore at Harvard studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. She currently works in the Arlotta Lab, conducting research on human cortical organoids to explore developmental events influenced by mutations in ASD-risk genes. Outside of lab, Uyanga enjoys pilates, film photography, and snowboarding.



David Kim

David Kim is a first-year at Harvard planning to study Neuroscience and Economics. He is interested in characterizing the complex interactions of the brain and developing cost-effective treatments for seemingly incurable diseases. In his free time, you can find him cranking out word puzzles, taking random photos of the sky, or eating at any late-night restaurant.


Tieri Rigamoto

Tieri is a sophomore at Harvard studying Neuroscience. She is interested in researching and developing therapies for CDD and other neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as making science more accessible for marginalized communities. Outside of class, you can find her weightlifting, baking, or taking film photos.


Jaray Liu

Jaray is a freshman at Harvard studying Computer Science and Molecular and Cellular Biology. He is interested in biotech as a field and using AI to revolutionize medical care for patients across the world. Outside of OpenBio, you can find him skiing, playing bass, or in the gym.


Christine Zhang

Christine is a first-year living in Holworthy studying Neuroscience. Outside of OpenBio, she designs for The Crimson and The Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal, and volunteers through the PBHA.


Alex Merhab

Alex is a first-year at Harvard studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. He is interested in orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, the rise of cardiovascular disease, and seeing everyone interested in pursuing biology have the resources to do so. Other than OpenBio, he enjoys going to the gym, playing golf, and spending time with family.


Eshan Mehra

Eshan is a freshman at Harvard studying Bioengineering and Chemistry & Physics. He is interested in studying the intersection of synthetic biology and cancer immunology, researching synthetic gene circuits. He also has a secondary interest in machine learning, researching models for detecting abnormalities in portable ultrasound videos and synthetic promoter screening. In his free time, you'll find him biking around Boston, doing handstands in the library, or chasing some other adrenaline rush.


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