Executive Board

Libby Min


Hi, everyone! I am a sophomore in Dunster studying math/physics. I'm also a part of skate club and climbing club, and I enjoy staying active and meeting people through clubs! Fun fact: I took a gap year in Korea (where I met Hannah, and apparently, Chris Kwon was there too but we didn't meet)!

Zora Zheng


Hey, everyone! I am a sophomore in Currier studying Environmental Engineering. I am from Toronto, Canada, and my hobbies include drawing and catching up on anime!

Gabe DiAntonio

Vice President

I'm a sophomore in Currier studying Economics and Computer Science. I love podcasts, dungeons and dragons, and views from high windows. I started Taekwondo in college, and now I'm hooked!

Kaelyn Ha


I'm a junior in Kirkland House, concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Psychology. When I'm not doing taekwondo or baking, I can usually be found curled up with a good book or catching up on the latest C-drama.

Zack Hirashima

Co-Equipment Chair

I'm a junior in Pforzheimer House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Psychology. In my free time, I'm usually asleep, watching anime, or at the gym. Other than HTKD, I work as a chef at an udon restaurant called Yume Ga Arukara.

Chris Tran

Co-Equipment Chair

Hey everyone. I'm a freshman currently in Canaday interested in concentrating in either Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, or one of the Biologies here. I'm from Denver, Colorado and I enjoy exploring new places, trying out any new food/music, and doing barbering.

Diana Ochoa-Chavez


Hello! I am a first-generation Chicana student from Salinas, California, now dorming in Grays Middle! I love rooting myself in my culture (shoutout to the indigenous Oaxaca, Mexico region) and advocating for immigrant rights--this has inspired me to pursue a career as an immigration attorney. I am currently thinking about concentrating in Government or Philosophy (or both). Outside of taekwondo, I love painting and listening to diverse genres ranging from classical piano to anime soundtracks to regional Mexican music. I look forward to continuing my taekwondo journey with you all :)!

Matthew Tan

Tournament Chair

Hi everyone, I'm a freshman from Singapore concentrating in Mathematics and Statistics. Besides Taekwondo, you'll most likely catch me rushing to finish PSets, playing poker or watching movies and anime. Excited for another great year with HTKD!

Jess Liang

Demo Chair

Hi everyone! I'm a sophomore in Currier studying Applied Math and Biology. I'm from Rhode Island, and outside of HTKD, I like to do gymnastics and crochet!

Priyanka Mukhara

Social Chair

I'm a first-year in Thayer originally from Washington state. I intend to study Government, and I'm passionate about anti-racist activism and legislative change. I've never done taekwondo before, but I'm excited to start with HTKD!

Spencer Jungwoo Lee

Belt Test Chair

I'm a freshman in Stoughton South and I intend to concentrate in Chemistry. When I am not doing taekwondo, I also love to sing -- I am a member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum. I am a big fan of staying up to date on global affairs, listening to classical music... as well as watching some anime from time to time!

Ann Gao

First Year Rep

Hi! I'm a first year from Little Rock, Arkansas studying Bioengineering. Outside of taekwondo, I like to dance, play piano, and cook!

Stella Wong

First Year Rep

Hi! I'm a first-year in Canaday studying Applied Math and CS. I'm from the Bay Area, and I love just about anything that has to do with food, painting (I sell stickers and paint my own hydro flasks!), and of course, martial arts!