Harvard Taekwondo was founded by a group of five undergraduates in 1999 who were looking to train in the World Taekwondo (WT) style.

Since 1999, Harvard Taekwondo has kept a strong tradition of combining student instruction with world-class coaching to provide a welcoming Taekwondo learning environment to all.

Our Founders and Presidents

Founders (1999): Chris Shim, Kathy Chuang, Jeanie Yoon, Brian Kim, and Ed Yoo

1999-2000 Christopher Shim

2002-2003 William Wright

2003-2004 Patricia Hernandez

2004-2005 Carl Desir

2005-2006 Diana Hudak

2006-2007 Daniel Shalev

2007-2008 Victor Joseph

2008-2009 Anh-Khoa Tran

2009-2010 Henry Xie

2010-2011 Eleanor Martin

2012 Margaret Armato

2013 Alice Shen

2014 Taehwon Shin

2015 David Song & Kayi Okine

2016 Noemi Urquiza & Jeffrey Ling

2017-2019 Memie Osuga

2020 Jane Ahn

2021 Cinthya Meza

2022 Christopher Kwon and Lucy Ding